Here you can embody your physical vitality and power, strengthening your body, reclaiming flexibility and becoming energised.

In YogaBen CLASSES you will strengthen and tone your body, move better, stretch further, breathe deeper and recover faster*. Challenge yourself even more at a WORKSHOP. Our ONE-TO-ONE will help you achieve specific goals and improve your problem areas. Want to master the basics first? Buy a BEGINNER PACKAGE and get the skills you need before joining a group session. Check out the targeted products below that you can buy right now and commit to moving your yoga journey forward in the direction you choose.

*In a class you will also be taught non-physical aspects of yoga.



Here your soul takes a deeper journey, exploring the wider world of yoga and discovering more meaning, clarity and insight.

Every YogaBen CLASS starts in the physical realm and then goes deeper, often exploring BREATH-WORK, CHANTING and ending with a relaxing NIDRA that will shine light into the recesses of your heart. For soul seekers, Saturday morning WORKSHOPS offer rich rewards and the weekend MEDITATION COURSE will give you a great life tool. Our RETREATS are medicine for your secret spiritual self. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the story of yoga? The FOUNDATION COURSE will enrich your world and lay the groundwork for the next possibility; becoming a yoga teacher via the transformational TEACHER TRAINING journey.
Some of the offerings below might capture your imagination and you can access them in this very moment. Enjoy your journey fellow soul seeker.