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Meditation is an ancient technique finding increased popularity in the modern word as we struggle to find peace of mind in our busy lives. Meditation and mindfulness can alleviate the effects of stress, anxiety, relationship problems, poor sleep, addictions, high blood pressure, depression and lack of clarity and focus.

Everything you need to know about meditation

This course is for beginners and established practitioners alike. If you are new to meditation, you will feel comfortable here, and if you are an experienced meditator, you may find renewed inspiration. Over the course of one day students will learn a range of meditation techniques and how to adapt them to establish a successful and regular personal practice. Students will also learn of the scientific discoveries underpinning the claims about the benefits of meditation as well as looking at the physiology of how meditation works in the mind and body. Course notes and study aids are provided with each session.



Date to be announced
12 places

£80 (£20 deposit)
YogaLoft, 14 Park Street, Trowbridge, BA14 0AT