Our Vision

Yoga Ben's vision to create a yoga centre

Create a yoga centre

My vision is to live and work in a space that brings people together to grow. Let me tell you about it. I want to create a yoga centre. I have dedicated my life to yoga and this would be my central offering to serve the people who come to the space. More broadly this is a place for other yoga teachers, body-workers, therapists, healers and teachers of all kinds to share their gift.


My mission in life is to lead people into circles, around the fire, where we can help each other to heal and grow. This is how I teach yoga and why I want to create a space for gatherings of people who seek a deeper truth. For people who know that their pain and vulnerability are somehow intrinsically linked to their joy and ability to love. For people who know that only by looking into their own personal darkness within will they bring out their light. For people who want to do this work not on their own, but in a safe and loving environment, supported by others.

The fire

I speak of the fire both literally and metaphorically. Whenever I can I like to bring fire into the circle, whether it be a candle, a log burner, or a crackling camp-fire. This isn't always possible but what is always at the centre of the circle is the metaphorical fire. This is the energy at the centre of the circle which emanates out and infuses our work. Its heat provides comfort, its combustion breaks down unhealthy patterns and beliefs, it is the transformational furnace which is capable of creating bright white light from darkness. It is Manipura chakra, in the navel, belly and lower back. It is the Kundalini centre of raw and fiery emotions, the birthplace of feelings, emotions and passions. The fire is also carried in my heart, bearing fierce compassion, warmth and tenderness. It is hope and joy and the ability to shine. Above all it is love.


The happy consequence of people gathering together to do this work is the creation of a community of open-hearted people. A community of everyday people who have seen each other struggle and felt their own internal challenges, who have stretched, chanted, laughed, raged and wept together and are more connected as a result. A tribe of people who can more readily share their love for each other and care for each other's children. This community already exists around me and is growing all the time as I seek out new authentic and loving connections for me and my family.


This yoga and healing centre starts with a sacred central space, a studio or room where the first circle can gather, then it widens, in concentric circles, to include somewhere for me and my family to live. Another circle provides simple places to stay for people wanting to go deeper into the work and serve others doing the same. Another circle creates a cafe and rooms for meditation, counselling and other body-workers. The circles go on expanding, bringing in more abundance and richness. This place grows with the people who are drawn to it.

The site

An old barn or warehouse or mill or farm. Do you have a space you could offer me?

Yoga Ben in Cow Pose (adapted) (Gomukhasana adaoted)


I'm looking for people who want to join the path, or are walking similar paths, or want to get back on the path of following their heart, and want to be involved - partners and investors, supporters, enthusiasts, teachers, facilitators, mentors, guardians, ideas-people and anyone with positive and constructive critical energy.