Yoga Soul


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Welcome truth seeker. Now is the time to take your soul on a deeper journey, explore the wider world of yoga and discover more meaning, greater clarity and valuable insight.


Every YogaBen CLASS starts in the physical realm and then goes deeper, exploring breath-work, chanting and ending with a relaxing nidra that will rejuvenate your soul.

Saturday morning WORKSHOPS offer rich inner rewards and our nourishing weekend RETREATS are medicine for your spiritual self. The MEDITATION COURSE will shine light into the recesses of your heart and our CHANTING evenings are like the breath of life itself. 

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the wider story of yoga? The FOUNDATION COURSE will enrich your world and lay the groundwork for the next possibility; becoming a yoga teacher via the transformational TEACHER TRAINING journey.

If something has happened and you are struggling and in pain, book a SOUL SEEKER session and come to know and understand yourself.

Walk with us, your soul is in safe hands.