When our heart stops


Today a man told me what lies beyond this life here on Earth. He told me what is waiting for us when our heart stops beating, after the pain and the body’s struggle for survival has ended. This man has been there. His heart stopped, and he passed over, but then he came back. Death gave him another chance at life.

He described a cold crisp night, when the sky is dark blue and black. He described moving up beyond the stars, into a place of peace, where suffering was no more. Death’s role was a merciful one, freeing the body from pain and disease, lovingly shepherding the soul to its resting place, guiding it home.

Listening to these words moved me profoundly. Unlike this man, I have never seen behind the veil between life and death and I am afraid of dying. I am very much attached to the life-force in my physical body. But hearing his words of truth, receiving this closely held wisdom, comforted me very much. Tears pricked my eyes and a deep part of me relaxed into itself, as my soul surrendered just a little more.

To that man I send gratitude. Bless you and your hard-earned wisdom, and thank you for sharing. It is a genuine gift.

Ben ParkesComment