Resistance is futile


Often I have trouble accepting what's going on around me and particularly inside me. I'm a father-of-three now and there are many needs to be met beyond my own. When it gets intense and difficult in my life, which it does frequently, I sometimes just resist what's happening and wish that it was different. So far this method has never worked for me! That then leads to immature coping mechanisms, most recently Toblerone chocolate bars (the big one) and Costa Coffee hot chocloate (large). Nothing wrong with a bit of chocolate you might say. Absolutely but it doesn't serve me to medicate and numb my emotions away with sugar. I just get headaches and energy lows and the world seems distant and removed (which is the point of course).

So I am particularly grateful to two men in my life who both recently reminded me to recognise and accept what's happening in any given moment. This wisdom has been passed down by many different teachers over many different centuries through many different cultures but when I hear it in my time of need, it seems fresh and revolutionary, and I reach for it like a life-raft in the storm.

I like having lots of different tools to help with life and this is one of them. Recognise and accept what's happening within you right now. 

Have a deep breath with me now and see if you can tap into that peace and spaciousness before you go. Good luck and much love to you.


Ben ParkesComment