The search for meaning


My whole life is a search for meaning. When it’s absent, a habitual part of me feels angry because a deeper part of me feels scared, because without meaning, there is no point, in me. I find meaning in many things, mostly in connection with others, but for a long while, it wasn’t present, and I felt lost in this world. Is this it? I didn’t value the world or myself. That sort of apathy about life, which I see reflected back at me all the time, often in the eyes of men, leads over an edge into an abyss of chaos and misery I believe.

My teacher feels much of our pain in recent times is down to the loss of connection to the sacred, to the spiritual, because our rational, scientific understanding has reduced us in some way. I yearn for the sacred, the spiritual, the ceremonies and the rituals. I weave them into my life and into my work and when I look out at your faces, I see some part of you responding, searching for something, also yearning for that wonder, that awe. I call that my soul, and my soul wants to meet your soul, and that is where my search for meaning will always take me, to where the souls meet.

Ben ParkesComment